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Brothel City - [InProgress New November Build] Uncen) 2016

Info: Changelog november Build:
List of changes:
· Mermaid decrees added.
· Huntress decrees line added.
· You can buy territory using “Lands Management” button on the sliding panel.
· Some buildings now have minimum radius between each other. For example, there can not be 2 Pubs or Hotels standing near each other.
· When a girl dies in your city some girls who were close to her will mourn losing all Happiness they had instantly.
· Succubus now takes twice more gold from clients but there is a 50% chance for her to consume 10 Faith.
· New Offender – Centaur. They arrive when you have too much unused Drinks, they empty your Pubs and abduct girls. They are very fast, but Amazons have huge bonus fighting them.
· New Offender – Ogre (giant). They arrive if you have lots of food unused. They destroy buildings and devour tons of food.
· Turn-Based Mode has been removed.
· New Offender – Orc. They destroy buildings, they abduct girls.
· To fast-check buildings destroyed or haunted press C.
· New Offender – Ghost. If a girl dies because of sickness or you kill an offender because you have no Dungeon to lead him, there is a chance for the Ghost to arrive. Ghosts haunt buildings and can do nothing with them until exorcise them for 50 Faith.
· If you’ll receive a message about “you have not enough food” for 3 days in a raw a famine will start – you’ll lose lots of reputation and lodgers.
· Alchemist Labs have no Faction limitation anymore.
· Aristocrats have no Faction limitation anymore.
· Treasuries have no Faction limitation anymore.
· Slaves Markets have no Faction limitation anymore
· New 4 Court Faction level: Spend 5000 gold. You get 2 Reputation for each Hotels lodger (Reputation can not be more than 99).
· New 5 Court Faction level: Landlords sometimes forget to send taxmen to Court's favorites. 20% chance to avoid a tax collection.
· New 2 Concord Faction level: Increases Vegetable Gardens', Gardens', Ponds', Vineyards' and their upgrades' production rate by 10%.
· New 3 Concord Faction level: Allows hiring of Dryads and Mermaids.
· New 4 Concord Faction level: Defenders grease their weapons with deadly potions. All Defenders get +20% bonus to victory chance.
· New 5 Concord Faction level: Every time a guest satisfies his drink need there is a 20% chance to receive/renew his sex desire.
· New 5 Church Faction level: During 24 hours all the girls will please men without getting tired. Cost: 100 Faith.
· New 5 Merchantry Faction level: Place all available orders for all kind of goods to all Trading Tents and Markets.
· Goddess healing miracle now costs 10 Faith, not 5.
· You start the game with 100 Faith, not with 50.
· There is no more Range Check error if you start new game while playing.
· Now your maximum Faith amount can not be more than 100+(50 per each Temple of Charity).
· An explanation of what does “Start hunting” is shown when you switch this mode.
· Now you can have 1 Trading Tent per 100 population.
· Your Reputation is now shown with 1 digit after the dot.
· Tips messages at the top are now shown reversed – the newest will be at the 1st place.
· Financial report now contains Reputation and Faith changes.
· Now you’ll get bonus to each girl’s Happiness if your Defenders will catch/kill all offenders who arrived 5 days in a raw.
· After each weekly decrees event (Amazons Fights, Souteneurs fucking and Maregirls races) Jessie will tell you how much have you earned.

Date: 06.11.2017
Language: English, Russian
Censored: No
Size: 109 mb
Tags: Strategy Rpg, Simulator, Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Big Ass, All sex, Blowjob, Doggystyle, Prostitution, Brothel


Brothel City - [InProgress New November Build] Uncen) 2016Brothel City - [InProgress New November Build] Uncen) 2016Brothel City - [InProgress New November Build] Uncen) 2016Brothel City - [InProgress New November Build] Uncen) 2016Brothel City - [InProgress New November Build] Uncen) 2016Brothel City - [InProgress New November Build] Uncen) 2016Brothel City - [InProgress New November Build] Uncen) 2016

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