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Tentacle Slave 0.6.3 (text based adult web games)

The wealthy, merchant city of Tyrmidon is known far and wide for its wares. Practically anything one desires may be found somewhere within its walls. The finest silks of the East, exotic spices, powerful drugs and aphrodisiacs, weapons of war, intricate gold inlay and metalwork...even iron, the fabled sky-metal, now smelted true and pure from ore dug deep out of the ground and made into a gleaming silvery ingot, the like of which no one has seen before.
But, Tyrmidon is at a crossroads. Though there is no outward, apparent conflict, nevertheless the tension is often palpable, especially when the Church is involved.
In Tyrmidon, sex is good and acceptable. Pure love between spouses, between master and slave, and even between lover and a woman of pleasure at the local brothel, is divinely sanctioned. Love between different species, such as human and elf, is highly frowned upon. Pleasure sought through forbidden means, such as through the ancient magics of the old gods or the creatures of the night, is punishable in some cases by castration, in others by forfeiture of property, and in extreme circumstances by expulsion from the city.
Nevertheless, the ancient gods and goddesses are still honored in secret, even among members of the Church itself. The fertility rites are still remembered, practiced where the prying eyes of the Church cannot find them out.
Into this seething mix, you have been cast. What will you do? Will you control your natural urges and live according to the dictates of the Church? Or will you explore the hidden, the secret, the forbidden?
Rags to Riches 0.2.0 (text based adult web games)

Behind bars again. Being thrown in jail has become a routine. "I didn't even do anything!" You shout at the guard. "Quit your talk, flatsnout," the wolf barks back. "This isn't the worst we can do to you, you know." The lupine guard slams the metal door and locked it. "Maybe it's time to consider finding another town to stay in, human. Your face is dirtying our streets." The guard ties the keys to his belt and walks off. You turn to the jail cell, bare as always. The dark stone walls are lit dimly by a torch down the hall, but the tall bars and columns drew thin shadows across the holding cell. The cell was scarcely furnished, not even a bed or chair to rest on, just the cold stone floor. At least it's dry,' you thought, sitting down in the corner. Normally there'd be someone else to keep you company in here, but unfortunately the cell had only one customer today. You slowly drift off to sleep.
AMOZ Season 2 Helena (sex animation)

Another 3D sex animation by AMOZ Season 2. At this time, the character of which was a sexy girl Helena and the black guy...
Sex Sim: Hot Partner 4 (free adult web games)

Another erotic web game by the Sex Sim series. Today you will have a rich evening and you decide to call all their sexual girlfriends and remind yourself...
13-04-2018, 14:59
Zara Scene (play h game)

Sexy scene about a blonde with a tail named Zara who loves sex...
Black Hole Gloryhole v1.25 (Adult game)

Game is created on the original game Glory Hole Blonde Whore from Meet And Fuck games.
Changes: near-full re-model with mass-effect's cast, plenty of new anims, a full clothing system (with basic stripping) skills and level progression, more maps, new demi-sandbox gameplay and plenty more!
New version v1.25
Trials in Tainted Space v0.7.151 (Adult game)

Victor Steele is one of the richest men in the galaxy. His fortune has been accumulated over many years of adventure on the Thirteenth Great Planet Rush, almost two hundred years ago. Its a trillion dollar company, Steele industrial technologies and production, or Steele technologies is one of the most respected names. Unfortunately, during his adventures, Victor has undergone many mutations, which wreaked havoc on its genome. After two centuries of life, doctors, mining magnate told him that he has only twenty years to have an heir. Victor hopes that his child can grow to greatness, becoming richer and more powerful than himself. But the question is, who should be a suitable mother?...
New version v0.7.151
The Massage Institute Episode 10 (adult sx games)

The Tenth episode porn flash game about Ivan, who works in a massage parlor and today he must satisfy the most sophisticated customers...
Summoner's Quest The Grand Duelist (game adult)

Adult web game where you have to answer six questions of a sexy girl and if the answers are correct she will thank you...
Inheritance A10b (word games for adults)

An adult Game where one day you get an inheritance from your uncle who has long been out of touch with your family. The lawyer handed you the key to his mansion and you went to see his three-story house. Once inside you find there two girls and a letter from my uncle stating that it was his two slaves and that you care about them...