Meet'N'Fuck(Full Version)

Here is a collection of different erotic and hentai flash games!

Quickie: Toshiko (game online adult)

You walked around the Park and suddenly you met a cat that turned out to be looking for a sexy mistress...
Added premium version
Fantasy Slave Trainer v0.4.9.0 (text based adult web games)

Text based sex game, fantasy world where you become the owner of a brothel and you will have your own sex slaves, each of them has its own character...
Original and to Cheat versions.
Sleeping Mia (free games online)

Adult flash game about sleeping girl Mia. You will have fun with it, but watch out for the fact that she never woke up...
Pippi Longstocking And Four Lozers (adult free games online)

Erotic flash game about Pippi longstocking . She grew up and became an adult girl with lush, sexy shapes. Today, she returned to her native city, where he decided to seduce five shy nerds...
Winter Festival or Moranas Banquet (adult web games)

Erotic game about a guy who was elected will go to the goddess in her castle. Where he must pass several tests and prove it that he real a man...
The eWardrobe v0.4.5 (text based adult web games)

Text based adult web games. Your name is Danny Jones, you're an eighteen-year-old boy. Your aunt passed away a few years ago and left your family her cottage. It's the reclusive home of a spinster, but it has basic amenities and even includes one of the older eWardrobe models. The cottage is on the outskirts of a small town. It's the summer after your senior year of high school. Your parents are having their beautiful home remodeled, so they have decided to take a long and romantic vacation while they wait. They've come up with the idea to let you go stay at your aunt's cottage, but with a few conditions. In return for following the conditions, they will pay the utilities on the cottage and will put $50 a week on an account with Shoppers and Food, a local grocery store, so you won't have to worry about starving. Anything else you want to buy will have to be financed by your job.
The Realm v0.2.3 (free adult web games)

Your Adventure awaits you, in the wild and ravenous lands of Oria! Will you overcome the challenges and temptations of this mystical and seductive world? Or will you succumb and be the plaything of its will? Who will you be? A mysterious figure, not of this world? Wild mercenary with a grueling past or a common whore? Realm - a erotic game where you choose who you want to be male or female and your choices shape your character. You Wake up in the cave where you have almost nothing. This is your world, grab it!...
New version 0.2.3 (fix)
Third Crisis v0.1.0 (free adult web games)

Hentai RPG game about how to help a brave girl to get her friend out of sex slavery in the army of androids...
The Roommates Ep.4 (game flash adult)

The fourth episode of the flash sex game about Rick, who went on a trip to Manchester for 6 months. He rents an apartment with two girls. Today he will meet with the Manager of a network of sex shops and offer their products...
The Massage Institute Episode 9 (mature online games)

The ninth episode of the erotic game about massage parlor. You are Ivan. You are employed in a massage parlour. Recently, Rafael has been hired as backup as business is going rather well. His arrival in the team displeases you, for at least two reasons. On the one hand, you are scared of no longer being the favourite of your customers... On the other hand, you fear that Rafael will discover that you sleep with most of them! You want to therefore get rid of him at all costs...