Meet'N'Fuck(Full Version)

Here is a collection of different erotic and hentai flash games!

3-03-2017, 18:55
Creeping Crud (Adult game)

Erotic animation about a group of sexy beauties who came to the beach to sunbathe. But suddenly there's a mysterious green slime and began to catch the frightened girls...
Cassie's 2 (MythComplex Adult game)

The second part about brave Cassie. After killed her sister, the heroine decided will go to traveling and to find who made it, and the goddess Aphrodite in the help gave to the girl a special magic spell...
Added Russian version!
Slave Lord v.1.4.1 (Adult game)

Long have you, the Dark Lord Vorgor, led a mighty army of orcs on noble lands Erolandia and swept through the Kingdom, covering it in darkness. After numerous victories just a little light left. Capital. You threw all his force into battle, hoping to quickly end the war...but you underestimated your strength ... your Queen cast a spell that struck his army, his soldiers to counterattack and soon it was all over ... after your defeat, your army ran away and left you. Huliliated your enemies, you went to exile, spending years of aimless desert. Until you found ...a ring. It seemed to call out to you, begging you to pick it up and try it. You bent down and scooped up the ring, shaking off the dirt. You tried to put it on his finger, but the ring was too big - he will only be able to fit on your thumb or ... maybe...you slipped the ring on his cock. It fit perfectly. And suddenly the world has changed in swirling shapes and shadows. There was a voice, distant and eeiry. I ring the erotic force. And I need you to do something for me. Find a slave, a whore, a slut. One who will serve you your body. Once you have accumulated three obeidient slave, and I will be able to use enough sexual energy to make you almost invincible. I grant you the power to crush your enemy." Finally, the chance you were looking for has arrived.With a ring of sexual energy in your possession, you rise from the ashes and reclaim his throne in the dark to keep in the center Vorgor. You swore that you will have your revenge. It's time for the darkness to sweep away the noble lands Erolandia, conqure this city, scattering troops and to enslave its people. Just in time your Orc scouts tell you they seized the girl, and that she is a knight Erolandia. The ring calls to you. Fate smiles on us. Make this girl the first sex slave and let me absorb its sexual energy.' The ring hums with light, sending a tingling sensation through his cock. Go now. To turn this noble warrior in cock hungry slut'. And so ... the quest has begun ...
The new version v.1.4.1
2-03-2017, 14:38
Nuova Malizia (Adult game)

This is an adult game where the player takes the role of a young ethnic Ialian woman in the New York of the 1920s, Anne Giacomo. The game is meant to span quite some time in four acts and is based on the Black Dog game book. This is not primarily a sex game, though there will be brothels, hookers and sex scenes, but a horror game: all is not well and our heroine will not remain as sane and sound as she is when we start.
2-03-2017, 13:48
School Painting (Adult game)

The guy he's an art student and today he will be the first time to draw with the sexy female models...
English and Russian versions!
City Hunters: Chase Files v.1.3 (Adult game)

Sex flash games set in the distant space, on a space station where there are several sexy beauties. The game consists of several parts...
The new version v.1.3
27-02-2017, 18:24
5 Dollars Strip (Adult game)

Want to see the strip sexy beauty, then catch the coins. Every five coins will reveal to you her explicit scenes...
27-02-2017, 16:14
Blonde Takes Cock (Adult game)

Sexy beauty blonde began to make love...
27-02-2017, 13:30
Quickie (Adult game)

Flash game about a sexual witch who loves to have sex...
25-02-2017, 13:50
School Girls 2 (Adult game)

The continuation of the game about a guy named Ivan. He-lives with Michelle, who is always trying to poke their nose in your business... In the previous episode, you managed to get a job as a private tutor, where he met with his colleagues: Secretary Judith and Director anais...