Meet'N'Fuck(Full Version)

Here is a collection of different erotic and hentai flash games!

Snow White and Red Hood (Adult game)

This online game about erotic adventures of Snow white and little red riding hood! Snow white was forced to flee from the Kingdom to the forest due to the fact that the Queen, jealous of her beauty and gorgeous big Boobs. The second sex a story about how the wolf got robbed little Red riding Hood and tied her to a tree. But luckily passed by lustful man and the liberated woman...
Added Russian version!
Jinora's Playful Fuck (adult online games)

Avatar sex parody on the subject of love between Jinora and Kai, who today decided to relax and finally fuck...
Sex Kung Fu (porn games online)

The heroine of this simple fun games for adults - a brave sexy girl fighter that fights with a huge number of Horny men. Sooner or later it will lose the battle and they will do with it whatever they want...
Teacher Training (free adult web games)

Best party games for adults. You are Melissa, an English teacher at a private school in her mid twenties. You have been working on this school for a few months now, and for the most part, it's enjoyable. You have a somewhat dull social life. You are currently single and only had a few boyfriends, largely due to your lacking social skills. However you are fairly perverted inside and have a multiple fetishes you are into. However ever since you started teaching, you have barely been able to satisfy yourself and masturbate. That'll soon change.
Synthya 6 episodes (adult games online)

Six episodes adult flash games about Synthya. She's a bounty hunter in the fifth generation and today she has a new job...
Elana Champion of Lust Chapter 2 v.1.2 (Adult game)

Feelings and sensations awoke within its inhabitants making them change their behavior and act according to nature, even their tastes in lust began to spring and grow. Still, the way of life they had lead for centuries kept a firm grip on their consciences and, after the initial surprise, many of them began to repent and feel ashamed. Seeking solace within their deeply-rooted beliefs against change, some chose to get re-acquainted with their ancient values. The Champion of Lust was powerful, and her power grew from day to day. But beside all the power she could posess, she was just one, just a little speck of expanding light, still far from the power to light the whole of society...
The new version v.1.2
The Massage Institute Episode 3 (sex games online)

The third part of the games to play at home for adults, about a guy named Ivan. He works in a massage parlor and today came the new girl he needs to teach how to do the massage..
Quickie: Satomi (online games for adults)

Online games adult about the student of one of the universities of Tokyo. He has met the girl who wants to write the erotic novel in library once. But so far nothing is impossible to her and you have decided to help her...
Adventure High v0.3.8 (Adult game)

It is a world where there is magic and many dangers lurk at every turn. The town has a magic school that is willing to teach everyone, in order to survive outside the city walls. The main character however, has the power to control others. You decide to follow the path of pure and righteous hero, or allow myself a few small pleasures along the way?...
New version v0.3.8
Sukhon Somporn in Thailand v1.0.9 (Adult game)

The girl is on vacation left without money and now her task is to earn and to return Home...
New version v1.0.9