Meet'N'Fuck(Full Version)

Here is a collection of different erotic and hentai flash games!

15-03-2017, 16:13
Corrupted Dreams (Adult game)

Action online game is set in the future. The year is 2121 and the world has undergone tremendous changes over the past 100 years. You start the game as a member of a large family and you have just got a new job. You are the new Director of the Bolshoi school. But after you go to sleep, strange things happen. The girl will appear in front of you and makes you a slave. You caught between powerful forces, there is no chance to resist. Your life will change just as your goals...
15-03-2017, 15:09
Rad Science v0.70 (Adult game)

Erotic online game about a student who with his friend he conducted scientific experiments on mice. But after the last failed experiment guy turned into a girl. And the next day it was a hot, sexy beauty. What adventures now await her?...
Peridot's Audition (Adult game)

This cartoon sex parody of the TV series Steven Universe and his alien heroine Peridot...
14-03-2017, 13:29
Subjugation v0.1a (Adult game)

Erotic online game about a guy who lived in a huge mansion not knowing worries. His father was a diplomat, who recently married a young. Once on another trip dad gets a car accident and dies. Your father's body was still warm, and the whore began to fuck with everyone. The guy is very hard with grief and decides to leave home away. He lived doing odd jobs, never staying long in one place. It was not until recently. Slowly he came to terms with his grief. A sense of loss and disgust gave way to a grim determination to reclaim what rightfully belonged to him...
Old School Blazin v0.0.9 (Adult game)

An erotic story about a guy, a student and his fun student's life. First girlfriend, first sex, etc...
13-03-2017, 16:41
Quiz With Nicole (Adult game)

Online sex a game about the student by the name of Mike who couldn't pass several examinations and has to repeat them now. Fortunately, charming and sexual Ms. Nicole will accept them at you...
Revenge Sucks v1.3 (Adult game)

Online porn game. When that the gang from five bandits led by Frank Carter lived in the abandoned house. They have caught the girl and have decided that she is a witch, keeping her in a cage and every day forced to oral sex. There have passed ten days and the girl has disappeared, and the gang of morons was found the killed.
There have passed seventeen years, Bill Wilson the student who has got acquainted with the beautiful girl once. She has presented him a gold chain. There have passed several days and the guy began to turn into the girl. Suddenly the hero learns that his girl is a daughter of that woman who has been many years ago tortured, and the guy is a son of the leader of gang. And now it is time to comprehend to the hero a fate of that woman...
Life Under a Curse v04 (Adult game)

Online sex game. Till last night you were an ordinary guy, but last night you have met the strange demon who has given you the chance to transform the body and to change mind and flesh of all your friends. How you will live with this damnation? You turn all surrounding into mentally ill people? Whether you will become a girl or not? To solve only to you!
League of Pleasures (Adult game)

Sex parody of League of Legends. Three heroines Lux, Nidalee and Miss Fortune today at your disposal. Give to them pleasure and make them orgasm...
Seekers: Fucking All Night (Adult game)

This porn parody of the popular game Persona 4. Here the character Rise Kujikawa has sex in different places and with different people...